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Updated On: 8 September 2013
Effective Date: 8 September 2013 (“Company” or “we”) don’t collect information unnecessarily. The only identifiable information we personally collect is through the comment forms, which is not used for unnecessary contact or resale. Unidentifiable information is recorded for statistical analysis purposes. This includes: browser, IP, operating system, pages visited and more. Products advertised through this website are managed by outside companies and their privacy policies will differ from ours.

Payments for most of the products are completed by the Clickbank system, while the products are managed by the companies mentioned before, so your details may be recorded by both parties.

We will not contact you using the information we collect, but it may be used to improve our website and advertising.

If you want to not be logged by default, you should disable cookies in your browser.

Since we don’t collect sensitive information such as credit card details, there is only regular security in place. Payment processing for most products is done by Clickbank, so you should review their security policy on their website if you’re interested.

This page may be updated without notice while the date at the top of the page will be updated to reflect this.

If you would like to contact us, you may do so here – Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns, then contact us through the form mentioned above.

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