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Spartan Race Events: Obstacles and Photos

Daniel Brady | April 15, 2013 in Sport

Climbing, jumping, crawling, running. The Spartan Race will test your whole body in ways it has not been tested before. This pages includes photos, descriptions and training recommendations for each obstacle in the Spartan Race. Note: Obstacles may vary between events.

The Obstacles

Spartan Race Run
3+ Mile Run

Description: Run for 3+ miles crossing the below listed obstacles.
Training: Endurance running, sprint training and lung training.
Spartan Race Balance Beam
Balance Beam

Description: Crossing felled logs or thin wooden planks without falling off.
Training: Balancing on a split bosu ball or balance board is a fine option if you’re at the gym. If you’re not at the gym, then try to find a log or plank to train on (walking, running, anything you can manage).
Spartan Race Barbed Wire Crawl
Barbed Wire Crawl

Description: Crawl low and fast below barbed wire.
Training: You’ll be using your legs to push and your arms (latissimus muscles) to pull. Train your latissimus by doing pull-ups, your legs by doing squats and lunges, and practice crawling low and fast on the grass.
Spartan Race Fire Jump
Fire Jump

Description: Run fast, jump high…over fire!
Training: Plyometric bounding, high jumping and long jumping will help to increase your jump height. In the gym you can step it up a notch by doing power cleans.
Spartan Race Over Under Through
Over, Under, Through

Description: Climb over, crawl under, climb through various hurdles.
Training: For the over movement, you’ll want to practice decline bench press and triceps dips or push-downs. Training your back will help for all 3 movements, so again, pull-ups are great.
Spartan Race Rope Climb
Rope Climb

Description: Climb the rope, hit the bell.
Training: You’ll need a lot of grip, upper body and back strength in comparison to your body weight. Working up to weighted pull-ups will make sure that the rope climb is very doable.
Spartan Race Sandbag Carry
Sandbag Carry

Description: Carry a sandbag for a specified distance.
Training: Weighted squats for core and leg strength. Overhead press and deadlifts so you can lift it onto your shoulder with ease.
Spartan Race Gladiator Pit
Gladiator Pit

Description: Dodge or charge through gladiators with batons.
Training: Weighted squats for core strength. Sprints and agility training for dodging and quickness.
Spartan Race Traverse Wall
Traverse Wall

Description: Cross the wall only using the handles and footholds.
Training: Pull-ups for upper body strength. Rock climbing for practice.
Spartan Race Water Crossing
Water Crossing

Description: Either using a rope or another variation, cross the water.
Training: High reps close-grip t-bar rows for back endurance.
Additional obstacles found in the Spartan Super Race and Spartan Beast Race
Spartan Race High Wall
High Wall Climb (8 foot)

Description: Jump and lift yourself up and over.
Training: Power cleans for vertical jump. Decline bench press, triceps and back work to lift yourself over.
Spartan Race Spear Throw
Spear Throw

Description: Hit the target with a spear.
Training: Medicine ball or weight plate axe chop for throwing strength. Practicing with a javelin for accuracy.
Spartan Race Weight Carry
Weight Carry

Description: Carry the weight with you for a long distance.
Training: Deadlift and heavy squats. If you can lift far more than the weight they give you, you will be able to carry the lesser weight further.

Want To Participate?

You can find a race near you by looking here – Spartan Race Events.

The price is usually less than $100, which is less that a single bungee jump, and the Spartan Race experience lasts a whole lot longer. You receive some bonuses with your registration, but you can see those by clicking on the website above.

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