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Pull-Ups World Records

Daniel Brady | December 26, 2012 in Strength
Weighted Pull Ups Plates

This page includes the world records for most pull-ups in 1 minute, and heaviest weighted pull-up. Both records have videos of the winning attempt. Read on to see more.

Most Pull-Ups in 1 Minute

This world record has 11 rules, but the most important are that you start from the down position and your chin reaches above the bar.

The record was set in Russia on 28 October 2012 and is 59 pull-ups in 1 minute. The record holder had some good technique that helped him to smash the previous record of 50 pull-ups, but he only had the endurance to pull-up for 50 seconds, so this record is ready to be broken by somebody with more endurance. His technique involves a very wide grip to shorten the distance from chin to bar, and by lifting his chin with up, again to shorten the distance from chin to bar. This helped decrease the time required to reach the top of each rep.

Here’s a video of the record breaking attempt. Note that it’s very beatable by a person with superior endurance.

Heaviest Weighted Pull-Up

This record was set on 9 July 2011 in America. The record weight pulled up was 206.2lb (93.53kg). The body weight of the contestant was 205lb. So to get close to the world record, your target should be to do weighted pull-ups with your body weight or more in plates around your waist, and a body weight around 200lb or more. No mean feat. Here’s the video.

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