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Tacfit Commando Review

Do you want the superior fitness and rock hard body of an elite Navy SEAL, Marine or Secret Agent? Well, that’s what Tacfit Commando is designed for. Designed to be used anywhere, without any equipment at all, Tacfit Commando will help you to be ready for anything, at any possible time.

Training Previews

The author of

How Hard Is Tacfit?

Tacfit Levels Progression

There are 3 difficulty options for every exercise, from ‘recruit’ to ‘commando’ level. So when you are just starting the program, you won’t be out of your depth.

But you sure won’t be saying it’s too easy! When recruit level is becoming less of a challenge, you’ll step it up a level and keep progressing.

They say anything worth having has to be fought for, and it’s true. To attain a top class fitness level and body requires you to keep pushing your limits every week and month. Just as you pushed your old fitness level to new heights, you will continue to push your new fitness level to even greater heights.

What Does Tacfit Commando Include?

As shown at the top right of the page, the Tacfit Commando package includes:

  • Mission Brief Manual
  • Mission Calendar
  • Video Mission Briefing Instructional Library
  • Secret Recovery Techniques
  • Premium: Mission Simulation Videos
  • Premium: Rapid Recovery & Breathing Secrets
  • Premium: Tactical Readiness Diet
  • Premium: Warrior Recipes
  • Premium: “In The Field” Downloadable DVD

Order Now

You will likely not have the opportunity to study under such an expert again (short of joining the Secret Service), so click the button below to visit the official website for more information and purchasing options.


Refund Policy Tacfit Commando is covered by Scott and Clickbank’s 60 day refund policy. Within 60 days, people will be noticing your great progress or you can get a refund.


  • While Tacfit Commando is designed with your safety in mind, failing to follow the program as outlined can put you at risk. For example: failing to follow the warm-up videos before starting a work-out.
  • Results vary between individuals. Beginners improve faster than intermediate trainees and experts. Also, people who follow all of the program (including diet) make greater progress than people who follow some of it.
  • If you have an injury or history of injury, please consult an expert before commencing the program. The program is designed with an uninjured participant in mind.


Not everybody can be like James Bond or any other fictional hero. Your goals should be realistic, and you’re much more likely to achieve them. Scott’s gold medals took years of preparation to win; you will not reach his standard within 3 months. You could achieve something similar with a longer goal and sufficient dedication, however.

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